-: Rules and Regulations :-
  1. The Management reserves to itself the right to admit or refuse pupils seeking admission to the School. Similarly, the management decides when the question of retaining a student in the school arises.
  2. Applications for registration and admission are considered only at specified times.
  3. Pupils seeking admission may be tested on the syllabus on the standard below the one to which they seek admission.
  4. A boy or girl joining from any recognized private/ unrecognized school can only be admitted when he/she produces the Transfer Certificate of attendance from the previous school in classes IX or XI, showing total meetings of that school and total meetings attended by him/her with percentage in classes IX or XI as the case may be.
  5. No application for admission will be considered unless accompanied by the latest Progress report from the school last attended.
  6. No Child less than five years of age at the beginning of the school year will be admitted to class I. At the time of admission to Class I, satisfactory evidence of date of birth of the child is to be produced. A municipal or Baptismal Certificate is ideal. The date of birth supplied at the time of admission cannot be changed at a later date.
  7. Admission will be strictly on the merit of the candidates. Any effort at presenting a donation to the school or seeking admission through recommendation will debar a student from getting admission.
  8. A clear calendar month's notice for withdrawal from school must be given in writing by the parents/ guardian. If a child is withdrawn without notice as prescribed, one month's fees will be charged in lieu of notice along with the full term fees. Such notice must not include any part of the holidays. No allowance will be made for broken periods.
  9. Those, who leave school in July must pay the fees for August also. Those, who leave school in November, should pay the fees for December also.
  10. No Transfer certificate is issued until all sums due to the school are paid. Application for T.C. should be signed by the parent or guardian and should contain the following information: (i) Name of student, (ii) Class and Section, (iii) Bank pay slip No. (iv) Admission No. or month and year of admission, (v) Place of new admission, or they can apply for T.C. on the proforma available from the office.
  11. If a student is migrating for further studies to a state other than U.P., his T.C. must be countersigned by the Secretary, Council for I.S.C. Examination (a) Full year fees will be charged in case of admission in the middle of the term. (b) Full year fees will be charged in case of withdrawal in the middle of the term.