“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strength. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

With this Moto “everyone has the fire,but the champions know when to ignite the spark” Gandhi House stood successful in all the fields, be it sports or cultural activities, under the able guidance of our esteemed House master Mr.Naveen Kumar Sharma & House mistress Mrs.Sapna Aggarwal.The House, with its performances, finished at the first position .

The commendable House Captain Tushaar Arora, with great deal of enthusiasm, led the house to the zenith of glory and was supported by our able Vice Captain Ananya Singh.

With its unbeatable dedication and enthusiasm,the house achieved many laurels in sports as well as in cultural activities.In sports,the senior division of boys was led by the most dedicated player and the athletic Captain Samridhh Seth who bagged gold medals in 100m race,high jump, 400m race, 200m race & 450 m obstacles race as well as received the Senior Championship Trophy. Mahijit Singh Alag won a gold medal in shot put and Prankur Aggarwal bagged a silver medal in 400m race and a couple of bronze medalsin javelin throw and 450m obstacle race, both representing senior boys category.Our senior relay team stood second in inter House Relay.

Inters were not far behind with Priyanshu Raj winning –a gold in long jump,a couple of silver medals in 100m race and 110m obstacle race and a couple of bronze medals in triple jump and discuss throw and was supported by Abhinav Dabas who bagged a gold medal  in triple jump & a couple of silver medals in long jump and 2400m cycle race.Vansh Mendiratta won a gold medal in 400m race and a silver medal in 1500m race, Yash Tyagi won a bronze medal in high jump,Ranvir Singh won a silver medal in 400m race and a bronze medal in 200m race, Arpit Pilania won a bronze medal in 1500m race,culminating in a fabulous and praiseworthy work towards the House.

Senior Girls excelled in sports with Samriddhi Rana winning two gold medals in 200 m race & 100m race,silver medals in long jump, 1500 m race and mini marathon, along with Ananya Singh who won two silver medals in 100m race and 200 m race and a couple of bronze medals in long jump and 800m cycle race.Shivani Adhikari won a gold medal in 800m cycle race and Sanskriti Sodai won bronze medal in shot put.Senior girls, with their exotic performance, stood first in the Inter House Relay Race.

In junior girls, Sunaisha Solanki won a bronze medal in 200m race & Kusum won a silver medal in long jump.Junior girls emerged second runners up in Inter House Relay Race.Param Singh, representing the junior boys, won a silver medal in shot put.

In sub-junior category,we had the passionate budding athletes starting with Aryan Malik who won a gold medal  in 100m race,200m race and 300m obstacle race,Madhur Panwar who won a gold medal in 800m cycle race,a silver medal in long jump, and a bronze medal in 300 obstacle race, Yash Kartik bagged a silver in 80m sack race and Atharva Kundu won a silver in 300m obstacle race and a bronze in 100m race. Sub Junior boys with their stalwart performance towards the house emerged first in Inter House Relay Race.

Gandhi House with its hard work dedication and determination bagged the second runners-up position in Cultural Fest.

Thus the victory of the house was the combined effort of all the teachers including Mrs. Rafat Naseer, Mrs.Neelam,Dr. Sunita Charles,Mrs. Bushra and Dr.SP. Singh, as well as all the students who put in their utmost efforts for making the house achieve the greatest success and to emerge at the first position.

Ananya Singh 

Vice-Captain, Gandhi House